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Fire Station 5 building renovation

Seattle, WA, #2016-027; 925 Alaskan Way
Bids due: 2 pm Feb 22, 2017
Estimated cost: $2,950,029 (base); Alt. 2 - $51,923; Alt. 3 - $25,531, Alt. 4 - $45,693
Owner: City of Seattle , Seattle WA 98124-4025, email, contact Larry Ahern
Notes: Bidders must attend at least one of the two mandatory prebid meetings to submit a bid. Contains a 17% WMBE goal. Submit questions regarding the inclusion plan to Miguel Beltran at 206-684-4542 or or to Carmen Kucinski at 206-684-0188 or Submit questions in writing to Larry Ahern by 5 pm, Feb. 15. Obtain bid documents from the owner's website.
Pre-Bid: Mandatory meeting and site visit 10 am, Jan. 31 at the site address. Mandatory meeting and site visit 10 am, Feb. 2 at the site address.
Scope: Base bid work includes: Site fencing; hazardous materials abatement; selective demo and salvage of materials in existing building; cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete walls and floors; structural steel framing; steel anchors; connection reinforcements and strapping; metal fabrications; wood blocking and curbs; finish carpentry; architectural casework; insulation; metal wall panels; membrane low-slope roofing; aluminum windows; hollow metal doors and frames; wood doors; aluminum-framed storefront; sheet metal work; cleaning and patching of marblecrete plaster; metal stud framing; gypsum plaster patching; gypsum drywall; acoustical panel ceilings; polished concrete flooring; cementitious floor overlay; rubber athletic flooring; ceramic tile; painting; visual display surfaces; toilet room accessories; industrial equipment; appliances; window coverings; plumbing; heating and ventilation systems; fire protection systems; electrical and communications systems; and a station alerting system. Alternate work includes: No. 1 - Not used at this time; No. 2 - Provide a solar PV system; No. 3 - Provide a solar water heating system; and No. 4 - Provide Versa-Trak for vehicle exhaust system.


Seattle Municipal Tower envelope improvements - Phase II
Seattle, WA, #2016-054; 700 Fifth Ave.

Bids due: 2 pm Mar 1, 2017
Estimated cost: $1,301,580 - $1,590,818 (Base Bid); $387,904 (Alt 1); $323,525 (Alt 2)
Owner: City of Seattle, Seattle WA 98104, email, contact Michael Johnson, project manager
Notes: Obtain bid documents from the city's eBid website. Email questions to the project manager by 5 pm, Feb. 22. This is considered a Facility type of project with a past performance of 17% WMBE utilization rates for the purposes of the inclusion plan. Direct inclusion plan questions to Miguel Beltran, 206-684-4542 or, or Carmen Kucinski, 206-684-0188 or
Pre-Bid: Mandatory site inspection 10 am, Feb. 14 at 700 Fifth Ave., Conference Room 4080, Seattle. Mandatory site inspection 12:30 pm, Feb. 15 at 700 Fifth Ave., Floor 52, Conference Room 5260, Seattle. Attendance at one meeting is mandatory.
Scope: Exterior sealant replacement involves: Remove existing elastomeric sealant at sealant conditions (including stone, metal, EIFS, curtainwall); partially remove glazing unit gasketing to be replaced; tape glazing areas where gasketing is removed to provide clean filler joint; surface clean and prep for new sealant joints; install backer rods or bond breaker tape and elastomeric sealant; repair broken or cracked stone panels, including cleaning, prepping, and filling areas of spalling; clean, prep, reinforce and fill cracks; replace panels that are unable to be repaired; replace small metal roof at 57th floor, including sheet metal flashing and sealant renovation; replace metal roofing and all sealant. Work occurs at high elevation over occupied spaces, occupied plazas and adjacent to public right-of-way. Disruptive construction activities are not to be conducted during normal business hours. Alternate No. 1 - Boundary includes all areas on the west facade of the building near gridlines 4 and 8, from floor 14 to edge of floor 53 balcony. Work includes exterior sealant replacement and repair of broken or racked stone panels. Alternate No. 2 - Boundary includes all areas on the northwest facade of the building near gridlines 4/B and 2/C, from floors 14 to edge of floor 53 and 54 balconies. Work includes exterior sealant replacement and repair of broken or cracked stone panels.