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** Apparent low! ** Washington Street pergola restoration
Seattle, WA, #2016-107; 3441 E Marginal Way S & 199 Alaskan Way S

Bids were due: 2 pm Jun 7, 2017
Estimated cost: $1.8 - $2 million
Owner: City of Seattle, Seattle WA 98104, email, contact Eric Strauch
Notes: Obtain bid documents from the owner's website. Bidders must attend at least one of the two mandatory prebid meetings. Contains an 4% WMBE goal. Submit questions regarding the inclusion plan to Miguel Beltran at 206-684-4525 or or to Carmen Kucinski at 206-684-0188 or Submit questions to Eric Strauch by 5 pm on the Wednesday before the bid opening.
Scope: Restore, move and reinstall the historic Washington Street boat landing pergola to the original position, including: Inside and outside finish carpentry; casting and replacement of missing structural/steel ornamentation; restoration of steel structure to meet seismic standards; restoration and installation of office panels (wood) and windows; restoration of the post bases of the columns that were cut to remove the pergola from the platform; moving the structure from Pier 25 to the waterfront; restoration of the Pier 25 site; and coordination with adjacent projects and property owners


Lobby remodel
Des Moines, WA

RFP due: 11 am Jul 27, 2017
Public notice:
Owner: South Correctional Entity (SCORE), 20817 17th Ave. S, Des Moines WA 98198, 206-257-6200, email, contact Karen Jester
Notes: RFP documents are available online.
Pre-Bid: Site inspection 1 pm, July 13. RSVP via email.


Seattle Municipal Tower 19, 20, 21, 22 Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection tenant improvement
Seattle, WA, #PW 2017-028; 700 Fifth Ave.

Bids due: 2 pm Aug 9, 2017
Estimated cost: $1,260,623 - $1,540,761 (Base Bid)
Owner: City of Seattle, Seattle WA 98124-4687, email, contact Don McDermott, project manager
Invitation #: PW 2017-028
Notes: Obtain bid documents from the city's eBid website. This is considered a Facility type of project for the purposes of the inclusion plan with a past performance of 23% MWBE utilization rates. Submit project questions by email before 5 pm, Aug. 2.
Pre-Bid: Mandatory site inspection 8:30 am, July 25 at the site, Fourth Floor security desk, Seattle. Bidders must attend one of the scheduled dates. Mandatory site inspection 8:30 am, Aug. 1 at the site, Fourth Floor security desk, Seattle. Bidders must attend one of the scheduled dates.
Scope: Work includes demolition, construction of new walls, installation of doors glazing and frames, built-in casework, acoustic ceiling, revisions, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler and fire alarm revisions and finish work. The work will be completed in three phases. The timing and sequence of the project phases are critical to enable completion of new open office furniture systems in time frames indicated. Spaces adjoining the work area will be continuously occupies or occupied after phase completion. All work must be completed between 6 pm and 6 am to avoid impacting employees. Temp protection and barriers must be provided to separate employee occupied areas from the areas of construction. At this time there is no work associated with floor 20. Alternate No. 1 ($40,847): Provide new or relocated wood framed doors and relite assemblies with new GWB/metal framed partitions at conference rooms 1910, 1914, 1928, 1930, 1955, 2110, 2142, 2210, 2238 and 2280 instead of steelcase privacy wall, door and relite assemblies. Provide rubber base at partitions and new or related relite assemblies within new GWB/metal framed partitions at Conference Rooms 1958 and 1964. Conference Room 1974 existing wall door and relite assemble will remain as is with no demolition required. Install card reader and lighting control at Conference Room 1958, 1968 and 1974 beside relite. Eliminate film specified for steelcase glass storefronts. Alternate No. 2 ($90,630): Provide new break room and seating area at Northeast perimeter of floor 21 and converting previous breakroom location into a conference room. Alternate No. 3 ($11,030): Provide GWB/metal framed wall with clear tempered glass clerestory at north side of Studio 1970. Provide tube steel stiffeners within wall and rubber base. Relocate relief grille, linear diffuser and fire alarm speaker. Alternate No. 4 ($5,240): Install clear tempered glass clerestory at north side of office 1924, south side of 1934 and west side of seating 2119 instead of gwb/metal framing extending to ceiling grid. Alternate No. 5 ($66,712): Remove existing cabinetry, sink, faucet, water heater and all associated plumbing, rubber base, and vct flooring. Provide new carpentry, sink, faucet, water heater, plumbing, flooring and rubber base. Modify electrical receptacles.