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City-wide pool facility renovations
Seattle, WA, #2017-104

Bids due: 2 pm Apr 25, 2018
Estimated cost: $4.9 million Base Bid
Owner: City of Seattle Parks & Recreation, Seattle WA 98104, email, contact Toby Ressler, park project manager
Notes: Obtain bid documents from the city's eBid website. This project is subject the city's Community Workforce Agreement (CWA). Email questions to the project manager by close of business, April 20. This is considered a facility type of project with a past performance of 25% WMBE utilization rates for purposes of the inclusion plan.
Pre-Bid: Site inspection 1 pm, April 9 at Helene Madison Pool, 13401 Meridian Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98133. Site inspection 1 pm, April 16 at Ballard Pool, 1471 NW 67th St., Seattle, WA 98117.
Scope: Elements of work and project sites include: Ballard Pool: Demolish and replace existing concrete pool deck, pool deck drains and pool/spa plaster liner, and replace existing pool filter system; Helene Madison Pool: Refurbish existing pool bulkhead, demolish and replace roof, install insulation and provide seismic structural upgrades, demolish and repair stucco walls, siding and clerestory windows; Meadowbrook Pool: Perform selective demolition and replacement of pool deck slab and drains, selective repair of pool edge apron, and installation of new urethane concrete overlay system; Medgar Evers Pool: Perform selective demolition and replacement of pool deck slab and drains, install new plaster liner and new urethane concrete overlay system, repair SBS membrane roof at stair tower/mech room roof, waterproofing at exterior stairway, including cutting new access door opening into crawl space under existing stairway, apply water repellent at exterior walls including cleaning, repairing, and crack sealing; Lowery C Mounger Pool: Remove and replace existing pool liner; Queen Anne Pool: Perform selective pool deck slab and drain demolition and replacement, repair damaged structural beams and pool deck; and Southwest Pool: Remove and replace existing pool liner.