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** Low ** King County MRJC detention walk-in refrigeration equipment replacement
Kent, WA, #C01213C17; 401 Fourth Ave. N

Bids due: 1:30 pm Nov 16, 2017
Addenda: addendum 1 (11/01)

Estimated cost: $680,000
Owner: King Cty Procurement Services Div, Chinook Bldg., 401 Fifth Ave., Third Floor, Seattle WA 98104-2333, email, contact Mary Lee
Notes: Obtain bid documents by emailing a request to Mary Lee. Contractors must submit completed authorization forms that include a criminal background check by 5 pm, Oct. 24 in order to attend either of the mandatory prebid meetings; submit forms via email to Sgt. Antonius at or via mail to Dept of Adult and Juvenile Detention, Maleng Regional Justice Center, 620 W James St., Kent, WA 98032. Contains a 5% apprentice utilization requirement.
Pre-Bid: Mandatory meeting 9 am, Nov. 8 at the site. Mandatory meeting 9 am, Nov. 10 at the site.
Scope: Replace the equipment and piping for the walk-in refrigerators and freezers at the Maleng Regional Justice Center detention area.



Kuboto Garden perimeter wall
Seattle, WA, #2017-062; 9817 55th Ave. S

Bids due: 2 pm Dec 6, 2017
Estimated cost:
Base: $219,917; Additive 1: $73,232
Owner: City of Seattle, Seattle WA 98121-1012, email, contact Katie Bang, park project manager
Notes: Bid documents are available on the city's eBid website. Direct all questions to Katie Bang via email by close of business on Dec. 1.
Pre-Bid: Meeting and site tour at 9 am, Nov. 7 at jobsite. Meeting and site tour at 3 pm, Nov. 21 at jobsite.
Scope: Work to include: Install and maintain TESC; approx 285 lf of perimeter wall on existing concrete footings, and approx 42 lf of new perimeter wall and new concrete footings; roof structure related to perimeter wall; approx 22 lf of new wood fencing; install stone pavers provided by owner; install after-hours exit gate and vehicular siding gate provided by owner; site restoration. Additive No. 1: Portland cement plastering, painting, and coating for CMU walls to match existing