Biwell Construction, Inc.
Completed Projects

Historic Gorge Inn (Newhalem WA) $2 million. Raise building 2', new foundation, and add commercial kitchen.  

Viewlands Elementary School (Seattle) $5 million. Re-life a closed down school.















Historic Seattle King Street Train Station.

$4 million. New clay tile roof, extensive clock tower renovation.




DOT 4 story office building Olympia. $2.75 million. Pull escalator, put in stairs.


Historic Seattle Volunteer Conservatory. $600,000. Rebuild/replace greenhouse.


Wellness Center $2 million Shoreline. Pull/reset glazing, interior finishes and paint exterior.


 Pier 52 Seattle $2.3 million. Prep for tenant spaces. Maintain public access.


East Precinct Police Station Seattle $375,000. Seismic retrofit.


Historic Dolliver Building in Olympia $2.4 million. Add stone handicap ramp and renovate interior including period correct millwork.